Andy Pointon – beginner to 70.3, swim coaching

After running the London Marathon I decided the next challenge was a half ironman. My running a cycling were good but I could barely do 10 strokes front crawl. A friend of a friend recommended Kat as she had helped her with the same challenge.

Kat has made swimming one of my favourite disciplines. I learned quickly and this gave me huge confidence going into the triathlon season and my training for my ultimate goal. The sessions with Kat are always challenging but varied. Initially I really struggled with breathing, however after 3 or 4 sessions I was feeling much more confident. She takes me through every drill, step by step and explains what I need to do to adopt the things I have learnt into my stroke. The way Kat coaches means I have progressed at a very quick pace and am now focused on speed and fine tuning technique way in advance of where I thought I would be with my training.
My training has been bespoke towards triathlon swimming technique. Kat has tailored the sessions to me personally which has accelerated my improvement. She listens to what I find difficult and helps me find ways to conquer them.  I find the drills help me feel how the stroke should be during the swim.
Interval training programmes that Kat gives me between technique sessions have hugely improved my fitness. This has helped with hold my technique on long swims.  As part of my training, Kat will send me a weekly training program which is invaluable to me as I just don’t have time to do the research into what training I should be doing.  This also gives me confidence that the training is right and every session is benefitting me and improving my fitness and technique.  If I have any questions about my training or needs Kat’s advice between sessions she always responds quickly when I email her.
Training in the winter months always comes with the extra motivational challenges, however Kat designs programs that work around the weather and seasonal distractions! She understands that sometimes life gets in the way of training and I have found it is important to mix training with everyday life!
Everyone has different motivational targets and aims, therefore the way adapts her training sessions and programs means she can be flexible but still get the best of you.  Therefore, I would recommend her to anyone.  Whether it be learning to swim or training towards a challenge (both in my case).