Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is integral to optimal performance, but with all the conflicting information in the media and everyone’s personal opinion it’s hard to know what to do. Low carb/high fat, high carb/low fat, 80:20, carb periodisation, protein window… the nutrition world is a minefield of recommendations, but sports nutrition isn’t one specific diet or method. It’s personalised nutrition specific to you and your goals.

No two people are alike – from what foods they enjoy eating to how much they train and at what intensity, to their daily work schedule and foods available to them, which is why everyone needs individualised nutrition guidance to get the best out of themselves.

I can help you:

  • Meet your daily nutritional requirements to fuel your training and maximise adaptations as a result of your training.
  • Know what to eat to effectively fuel your racing and help you achieve that PB, whether you race sprint distance or ironman.
  • Understand nutrition so you can make better lifestyle choices without having to follow a restrictive diet.